Q: Will I Be in Pain after My Catheter Ablation?

For most patients, it’s not normal to have pain after the ablation. Patient thresholds for pain are different. So, sometimes the pain in the area where we do the procedure in the groin, can be significant, and occasionally it is very uncomfortable. In which case, we would say spend the night in the hospital, make sure you have adequate pain control, make sure if you do have pain that you bring it to your doctor’s attention right away. You don’t want to wait and see if it goes away.

If you don’t think it’s normal, the first thing that you need to do is call your cardiologist or the electrophysiologist that did the procedure and make sure that they know about it and that they feel that it’s normal. And, if not, then it may need to be addressed. But, it’s not normal to have pain afterwards.

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