Our team at Afib Corner has spent years working with bariatric surgeons and patients alike. Over the course of that time, we have come across just about every significant weight loss surgery resource out there. And while there are many comprehensive informational websites for patients to use, we don’t believe that there is one all-encompassing online resource… we aim to change that.

Afib Corner as it is today is a collection of valuable information for those considering surgery and those who have had surgery already. With your help Afib Corner will turn into a highly interactive hub of information, tools and community that will truly serve the needs of anyone in the bariatric world. Further, we aim to become take the bariatric lifestyle into our communities, making it easier for the millions of bariatric patients to continue their extraordinary journey.

We ask for your support by visiting us regularly, supporting our advertisers which keep the website growing, and by participating in the community that we are developing.

We look forward to seeing you soon and often.

The Afib Corner Team

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