For Referring Physicians

Primary Care Physicians and Cardiologists alike refer patients to our facility because we emphasize the most advanced, effective and safe treatments for cardiac arrhythmias. From diagnostic testing to a full range of minimally invasive treatments, our patients can often receive effective, long-lasting care with few side effects and risks. We have treated patients throughout California and the US.

A No Radiation Option

Dr. Gidney performs the vast majority of his catheter ablations without fluoroscopy. Many patients appreciate that radiation will not be used in the diagnosis and treatment of their arrhythmia. Fluoroscopy and radiation can cause cancer and this is especially important for younger and pregnant patients.

Further, we take a stepped and customized approach to each case, so you know your patient is receiving the very best care. Patients are often able to free themselves from the sometimes debilitating side effects of common arrhythmia medications.

How To Refer To Us

In order to refer a patient to us, we ask that you download and complete the following referral form:

Please fax the form back to us. You may also call us at (805) 845-5305 to begin the referral process. We look forward to consulting with you and offering your patients the very best in care that is the hallmark of The Heart Rhythm Center.

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Every patient we see receives world-class treatment from Dr. Gidney.

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